Taliban Supporters Celebrate US Pullout with Mock US and NATO Funeral

Waving white Taliban flags and holding guns aloft, Taliban supporters celebrated the last US troops’ withdrawal across the country with crowds in the eastern city of Khost parading coffins draped with US and NATO flags.

During Zhman’s TV coverage of the event, Taliban official Qari Saeed Khosti pointed that the mock funeral in which empty coffins covered in French and British flags were carried along the street, was part of the celebrations of Taliban’s formal Freedom Day.

This day, August 31, marked the end of and the US and NATO’s humiliating and hasty exit after the failed 20-year military conflict and was also celebrated with gunfire in the capital Kabul.

Footage from Khost and other cities’ celebrations was shared widely on social media though Reuters could not verify all the videos, some of them showing Taliban members parading at Kabul airport in US-supplied uniforms, brandishing seized US weapons or sizing up US helicopters.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid addressed Afghanis from Kabul Airport also surrounded by Taliban’s elite Badri 313 unit’s fighters dressed in abandoned US military uniforms

These footages have allegedly caused no concern among US military since, as Pentagon spokesman John Kirby claimed, US troops destroyed more than 70 aircraft and armored vehicles so the helicopters could not be flown.

Yet, several recently emerged videos suggest the Taliban is capable of operating at least the Black Hawk helicopters.

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