US Flew to Safety Embassy Core Staff from Kabul During Evacuation

In the final hours of its chaotic withdrawal and faced with missile attack, the United States has transferred to safety out of Afghanistan its core diplomatic staff Monday morning though it isn’t confirm if US Charge d’Affaires in Afghanistan, Ross Wilson was among them, Reuters stated on Monday.

Wilson was expected to be among the last to leave the Afghan capital by Tuesday along with the last troops themselves during the final phase of the biggest air evacuation in history that bringing out of Afghanistan 114,000 US citizens and Afghans.

The Washington Post reported earlier on President Biden’s plans to recall all American diplomats, including Wilson, from Kabul by August 31 with no diplomatic presence in Kabul envisaged in foreseeable future due to the lack of a clear plan on this issue.

Meanwhile, the Al Jazeera TV points that the Taliban are preparing to completely take control of Kabul airport after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on Tuesday, August 31, holding consultations with Turkey and Qatar with regard to the technical management of operations at the airport.

Mohammad Suhail Shaheen, spokesman for the Taliban political office in Qatar, has previously expressed his optimism about the upcoming complete withdrawal of foreign troops from Kabul airport.

At the same time, according to the news reports, numerous Afghanis who want to leave their country and have the appropriate documents and legal grounds to exit cannot enter Kabul International Airport or fight their way through the large crowd to the foreign troops guarding the airport to somehow clarify the situation regarding evacuation.

Some of the local residents, as they complain, have been at the airport’s vicinity four days and nights and their destiny is still not known since no one pays attention to them although they have documents.

The US forces dispatched to Kabul airport to ensure the evacuation of the refugees from Afghanistan, among others, must complete the evacuation on time by August 31.

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