Walter Shaub, Obama’s Ethics Chief Says Art Scheme of Hunter Biden is Appalling

The ethics chief of former President Barack Obama blasted the Biden administration for reaching a deal last month for indefinitely concealing the identities of Hunter Biden’s painting buyers from him and the general US public, Fox News informed.

Walter Shaub, who served under Obama, was a guest on Law & Crime’s “Objections” podcast, where he slammed the Biden administration, President Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden, over his scheduled art shows in New York City and Los Angeles. The prices of Hunter’s painting vary from $75,000 up to $500,000, although he does not have enough experience as an artist.

Shaub argued that an artist who has never juried at a community center art fair should not sell paintings for half million. He also added that all the money will go for Hunter as a son of the US president and not, to the artist and that that is appalling.

Although Shaub characterized Hunter Biden as a sympathetic figure, he did say that the problem is that he is constantly trying to build his career on the fame of his father.

Shaub also said that if Hunter really cared about his country he would not try to stain the reputation Joe Biden has gained through the years. He continued that people cannot fault him for not being a patriot because, really that is a personal failing because he is not a government official, but the White House crossed a certain line when it intervened in this deal by requesting the art seller to avoid revealing the buyers’ names.

Shaub has later voiced his disgust about the White House intervention in the art sale deal, claiming that now the whole issue became a public’s problem.

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