Psaki Says US Not Collaborating with Terrorist, Although it Depends on Taliban for Safe Evacuation

Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary on Wednesday said that the US policy of not negotiating with terrorist organizations is still in place, regardless of the fact that the Biden administration relies on the promises and statements by the Taliban for evacuating US citizens from Afghanistan, Fox News informed.

On her press briefing, Peter Doocy from Fox News asked Psaki whether the US still remains on the policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

However, Psaki said that the reality is that the Taliban forces control a large part of Afghanistan, and the US is more focused on evacuating all of its citizens and allies from the country.

The Press Secretary also received a question of whether the Biden administration won the cooperation of the Taliban by giving them cash or supplies in the evacuating efforts.

Psaki rejected these claims right away, reiterating that the Biden administration disclosed the expectations of the whole plan for evacuation and that they are working towards fulfilling the plan and deliver results.

Her remarks arrive while thousands of US citizens, allies, and Afghans who were part of the coalition forces, as well as other vulnerable categories of people are desperately struggling to get out of Afghanistan since the Taliban forces had taken full control of a large part of the country.

US military troops are stations at the Kabul airport and have to get out from the country by August 31. Biden administration promised to evacuate all of the Americans from the country by this date, but the question remains what will happen to the holders of the Special Immigrant Visa who are allegedly restrained from accessing the airport by the Taliban forces.

The Biden administration reiterated that it does not have trust in the Taliban forces, but nevertheless, it has urged the militant group to let people safely get to the Airport and refrain from any violence.

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