Russia Calls on Iran, US to Agree on Nuclear Deal

The Russian Foreign Ministry called on Iran to do everything so that the so-called nuclear deal does not cease to exist, in an official statement made by Russian Foreign Ministry representative Maria Zakharova.

Commenting on the statement from the “European three” (France, Great Britain, Germany) and various publications on the topic of extraordinary reports of the IAEA, which say about the production of uranium metal in Iran with a degree of enrichment up to 20% and about the country’s increasing its own production capacities to enrich uranium to 60%, Zakharova warned about Iran’s latest actions.

“Iran’s actions are yet another deviation from the agreements outlined in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action for the Settlement of the Iranian Nuclear Program.” she noted.

Pointing out that Iran is doing this because of the ongoing sanctions of the US and third countries cooperating with them, the Russian diplomat noted that the Iranian side’s increasing uranium enrichment depth agreements continue to get complicated.

She noted that only a return to negotiations on “resuscitating” the nuclear deal can be considered a way out of this situation.

“We call on all partners in the nuclear deal, as well as the US to refrain from rash steps that will create additional obstacles to normalizing the situation around the Iranian nuclear program.”

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