Pelosi Calls on Lawmakers Not to Travel to Kabul


Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker called on lawmakers on Tuesday to be careful not to divert the much-needed resources away from the people that are trying to flee Afghanistan, Fox News informed.

Pelosi issued the warning after two House Representatives have secretly left for Afghanistan.

Democratic Representative Seth Moulton and Republican Representative Peter Meijer went to Kabul to perform oversight on the executive branch while the Biden administration is focusing on the evacuation of thousands of people stranded in the Southeast Asian country after the Taliban forces have taken over the control.

The two lawmakers said that they care about the situation at the Kabul airport and claimed that the US has an obligation towards US citizens and loyal allies and they want to make sure that this obligation is kept.

In a letter to the lawmakers on Tuesday, Pelosi warned that following the two lawmakers would be a mistake amid a period of danger in the region.

According to the letter, Pelosi stated that the US military and the diplomacy teams that are right now in Afghanistan must have their full focus on the evacuation of people who are stranded there.

The House Speaker said that she understands the concerns of the lawmakers for the US citizens and Afghans, but reminded that the State Department and the Pentagon were against traveling into the Southeast Asian country.

Moulton and Meijer, who served in the Iraq war, claimed that they have traveled in secret and spoke about it after their departure in order to reduce the risks and disrupt all the people that are currently there, adding that their sole intention for traveling there was to collect the necessary information.

Moulton’s spokesperson said for Fox News that the two lawmakers paid their flights to the United Arab Emirates from where they boarded a military flight to get to Kabul.

Both of them stayed in Afghanistan’s capital from 4am to 8pm EST.

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