Terrorists and Criminals Hide Among Afghan Refugees, Two Already Arrested

Few days after the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin warned that Taliban militants could enter Russia and other Asian and European countries under the guise of seeking asylum, two refugees with terrorist and criminal connections were arrested in Denmark and France.

Franceinfo quoted French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin informing Tuesday that an Afghan refugee recently evacuated from Kabul has been placed in custody in Paris due to his alleged current or past ties with the Taliban.

The refugee was reportedly evacuated on a French flight after he helped the evacuation of the French Embassy in Kabul and has come under the focus of the French authorities after they discovered his potential ties with the Afghan Taliban government.

He was initially placed under house arrest and surveillance but was taken into custody after breaking the terms of his house arrest.

The arrested refugee allegedly went through the screening process at the French military base in Abu Dhabi, where French evacuation flights are stopping over, where he admitted he was previously engaged on a Taliban checkpoint in Kabul.

In another case reported by the Danish Radio, Denmark has arrested previously deported gang member who managed to slip onto one of Denmark’s evacuation flights from Kabul and later entered the country using his brother’s name to cheat on the police registering evacuees,

In light of the persistent demands from the Western partners to place refugees in Central Asian countries pending their visa approval and transfer to the United States or other countries, Putin urged his country to prevent the refugees’ influx from Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), Russia-led military alliance of several former Soviet republics, will discuss Afghanistan at an online summit in light of the raised concerns saying terrorists could neighboring countries of Afghanistan.

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