Biden Calls on Taliban Forces to Unite and Provide for Afghan People and their Well-being

Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden vowed that the US would receive all Afghan allies who are trying to flee the Taliban, but only after a thorough screening and clearance at the transit centers and military bases, Fox News informed.

Biden claimed that the United States has created stations for processing migrants in two dozen countries on four continents.

When the planes leave Kabul they are headed to the US military bases and the processing centers.

Biden promised that after the Afghans are screened and cleared they will be welcome in the country and their new home.

He also said that the Taliban forces must make the decision if they will take over the responsibility to unite the Afghan people and provide for their well-being.

Biden also highlighted the increasing terrorist threats from other countries, mentioning the ISIS-K’s threat, which refers to the Korasan Province of Islamic State in Central Asia.

The President also praised the efforts of his administration to aid the evacuation of Americans and Afghan allies.

The United States has managed to evacuate around 11,000 people out of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul in less than 36 hours. Since July, the total number of people evacuated from the South Asian country amounts to 33,000.

Biden said that getting US citizens out of the country is their number one priority. He also mentioned that the military is trying to contact all US citizens by any means possible to find out whether they intend to get out of the country before August 31.

The President also vowed that any American citizen who intends to leave the country will be safely taken home.

All the US citizens and Afghan allies who leave the country will first be transferred to the transit centers located in countries such as Italy, Germany, Kuwait, Spain, Qatar, UAW, and many others.

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