US Can Expect Robust, Appropriate Reaction from Kremlin to Its Sanctions

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, reacting to newly announced US sanctions against Russia in connection to Alexey Navalny, called them provocations that prove Washington’s unwillingness to face reality, TASS reports.

Reiterating that putting pressure on Russia is useless, Zakharova pointed that Kremlin’s response to US sanctions will be rough and appropriate,

She said that doomed US sanctions based on set up by Western intelligence agencies only make Washington look pathetic and show its inability to abandon the arrogant rudeness and unwillingness to face reality.

According to Zakharova, who also mentioned US sanctions in connection to almost finished Nord Stream 2 pipeline, the latest moves of Biden administration also show its lack of political will to build partnership based bilateral relations.

She underscored that Moscow considers such actions hostile and against the spirit of agreements reached by Russian and US Presidents Putin and Biden at the Geneva summit in June, mentioning at the same that it is being done in a moment when expanded cooperation and coordination in the international arena is needed among countries in the light of US largest foreign policy failure in Afghanistan.

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