Two More Russians and Vessels Sanctioned over Nord Stream 2

The US State Department will impose sanctions to two more Russians and one vessel in connection with construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, The Hill reports quoting Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s statement.

Blinken pointed to the amended report the State Department submitted to Congress pursuant to the Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act of 2019 (PEESA), under which the persons and entities identified in the report will be sanctioned.

The report identifies two Russian vessels as blocked property of one of the listed entities. This brings the total number of sanctioned people over their involvement in the pipeline to seven along with 16 entities that Biden administration isn’t naming in public.

Yet, Russian media identified the sanctioned entities as Nobility and Konstanta companies registered in Russia while the vessels under the Russian flag are Ivan Sidorenko and Ostap Sheremeta.

They also point that in view of the executive order signed by the President Biden, allowing sanctions against Russian energy pipelines, two companies, two vessels and certain other entities and vessels already subjected to restrictions found themselves into new black lists.

Despite everything, Republicans and some Democrats blasted Biden for waiving sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG, the company in charge of the project, and its chief operating officer calling the move a concession to Germany.

However, the Biden administration has waived sanctions on the company overseeing the construction of the pipeline, in what has been widely interpreted as. The pipeline will transport natural gas directly from Russia to Germany.

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz even blocked the quick confirmation of a number of Biden’s State Department nominees in an effort to force the administration to impose sanctions in response to Nord Stream 2 pipeline as a pushback against harmful Russian activities in the energy sphere.

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