Californian Man Charged for Threatening to Use WMD in Capitol Bomb Incident, Faces Life in Jail

Californian man arrested Thursday for the bomb threat incident near the US Capitol in Washington sill be charged for use or attempted use of an explosive device as well as for threatening to use a WMD, the Justice Department informed as quoted by CNN.

US Capitol Police called the incident an active bomb threat investigation.

After engaging in five hours-long standoff with the police, Floyd Ray Roseberry (49) of Grover, North Carolina surrendered without incident though his bomb threat prompted the evacuation of three Congressional office buildings as well as several nearby buildings.

USCP informed later that no bomb was found in Roseberry’s truck though he did possess suspected bomb-making material, but authorities couldn’t yet identify a motive or indication Roseberry was acting with others.

Roseberry will stay in jail until his trial but he will also be screened for competency in the meantime. His next hearing is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

Roseberry could face life in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 if convicted on the bomb threat charge, while the maximum penalty for the second count would be 10 years in prison and similar potential fine.

The local law enforcement in North Carolina has been warned a day before by a person related to Roseberry that he was planning to conduct acts of violence in Washington, DC, or in Virginia. According to preliminary inquiries US Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger informed about, Roseberry has no ties to the US military or any law enforcement agency.

During his hearing before US Magistrate Judge Zia Faruqui on Friday, that was brief due to questions raised about his health, Roseberry told the judge he hasn’t been taking his medications blood pressure and for his “mind” in the last two days, after which judge Faruqui ordered a psychological evaluation concerned that Roseberry is unable to understand the proceedings.

According to previous reports, he had recently dealt with the death of his mother, among other things.

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