British Military Rescues Americans in Afghanistan, Pottinger Claims

In the wake of the chaotic pullout of US forces ordered by Biden administration and confininf the remaining US troops at the Kabul’s airport ground, former Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew claims British military has stepped in to evacuate some American citizens left behind in Afghanistan, Fox News reports.

Following the nation’s quick fall to Taliban terrorists, the UK troops are now running patrols into Kabul to get and helping bring them to safety British citizens, Afghans and in some cases Americans that they encounter.

Pottinger praised NATO allies that have, in some cases, risked the lives of their own diplomats by arranging for Americans, students, journalists and Afghan staff to flee the war-torn nation, creating safe passage and escorting them onto the airbase and flying them out to safety when it really was not their mess to fix.

As the Daily Mail reported, London deployed this week an additional 300 troops to Kabul specifically to extract trapped British nationals, retrieving some 200 British nationals within hours of touching down in Kabul.

France 24 reported that French military has also been conducting similar operations since Monday, evacuating more than 200 French and Afghans with French President Emmanuel Macron thanking them on Twitter for the successful ‘sensitive operation’.

Following the disastrous departure of the US military, as he called it, earlier this month from Afghanistan, the country they’ve occupied for 20 years, anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 American citizens, permanent residents and their family members were left stranded in Afghanistan.

Though President Biden sent back to Afghanistan thousands of American military personnel after Taliban terrorists took over the nation, Pentagon pointed they’re are not tasked with going beyond the Kabul airport to retrieve stranded Americans.

Meanwhile, President Biden is hopeful that US troops will complete the evacuation of American citizens  from Afghanistan by August 31 as initially planned, but he pointed troops may stay in Afghanistan past the deadline if necessary.

Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby, on the other side, said on Thursday that the no decision has been made about changing the timeline of US presence in the country since such move would require additional talks with the Taliban.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that Biden is committed to ensuring that every American who wants to leave Afghanistan gets out of the country, but at the same time he could not specify how many Americans are in Afghanistan now.

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