Governor Doug Ducey to Keep National Guard at Arizona’s Southern Border

Doug Ducey, the Governor of Arizona revealed on Wednesday that he will keep the members of the National Guard at the southern border with Mexico for one more year, due to the escalation of the man-made crisis, Fox News informed.

Ducey said that the Biden administration has completely failed in their efforts to secure the border, adding that is very clear that the White House does not have the needed ability or any desire to fix the disaster they have created.

He also said that the law enforcement officers are overwhelmed due to the highest number of migrant apprehensions and that the out-of-control situation is a result of the miscommunication and reckless policies executed by US President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Ducey in April, issued an emergency declaration for the deployment of 150 Arizona National Guard members to respond to the increased migrant surge that left local officials overwhelmed.

Last week, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary revealed that 212,672 immigrants were apprehended at the US-Mexico border in July.

This is an increase of 13 percent over the 188,000 migrant apprehensions in June.

In July 2020, the number of encounters was 40,929.

Ducey on Friday urged Mayorkas to submit his resignation after audio was leaked which revealed that the official admitted that the crisis was unsustainable.

The members of the National Guard perform monitoring, maintaining border cameras, data analysis, logistical and administrative support to the local law enforcement, as well as providing help with certain medical actions in the detention centers, Ducey stated.

Ducey also praised the brave women and men that work for the National Guard and filling the gaps of the failed policies of the Biden administration. He also said that their work directly aids the success of the law enforcement officials who are trying to preserve the order at the southern border of Arizona.

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