Sullivan Say It’s Too Soon to Legitimize Taliban as Governing Power in Afghanistan

Pointing to the current chaos Kabul is at the moment, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Tuesday that it is way premature to say if the United States will recognize Taliban as legitimate governing authority in Afghanistan.

He pointed that it’s now up to the Taliban to show the world who they are and how they intend to proceed, considering their track record has been far from good in the past as well as during the current takeover of the country.

Meanwhile, the United States’ ally EU shows it’s more than ready to begin dialogue with the Taliban though it points that their recognition will depend on Taliban behavior, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrel confirmed.

He pointed that, since the Taliban has won the war, EU has to initiate dialogue with them as soon as possible to prevent a humanitarian, migratory and humanitarian crisis, emphasizing at the same time it is is not a matter of official recognition.

Speaking on the online extraordinary meeting of EU foreign ministers, Borrel noted the dialogue will also focus on preventing the return of foreign terrorists in Afghanistan, remaining at the same time vigilant of the respect of international obligations.

Previously, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed that any recognition of the new Afghan government should not happen unilaterally, but on an international basis, underlining that the legitimacy of any future Taliban government will be subject to internationally agreed standards on human rights and inclusivity.

The head of the British army Nick Carter, on the other hand, said Wednesday that the world should give the Taliban space to form a new government in Afghanistan, expressing hope that maybe these Taliban are different to the ones that people remember from the 1990s, that are more reasonable and less repressive.

When it comes to Russia, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Kremlin is ready to recognize the Taliban’s political power – though the Russian Supreme Court banned the Taliban as a terrorist organization in 2003 and hasn‘t cancel that decision yet- only in a coalition with China, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey.

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