Russian Diplomat Blames the West for Leaving Behind New Crisis in Afghanistan

The legacy the West is leaving to the world and to future generations in the wake of US and NATO troops hastened pullout from Afghanistan and the chaos that followed, is new humanitarian and political crisis, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova  pointed in an interview with the Solovyov-Live YouTube channel.

The Russian diplomat underscored that the West’s real attitude to human rights is mirrored in the humanitarian predicament in Afghanistan where people were plunging to their deaths falling of US military transport planes as they tried to escape to safety.

Zakharova reminded pointed to Libya, Iraq and Syria as previous instances when the Western community has left behind a chaos and additional regional problems that have been weathered later thanks to Russia’s resolute actions and help.

She noted that the world must remember how the US, Great Britain, EU and NATO they implement and respect human rights, especially in abovementioned countries next time when it reads all their multi-paged reports on human rights in the world.

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