White House Retracts Biden’s Failed Prognosis about Afghanistan Events

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Biden administration had information that there is a possibility that Kabul, the capital city in Afghanistan would be captured by the Taliban, Fox News informed.

The White House has made a list that is intended for people that stand in support of US President Joe Biden’s handling of the situation in the South Asian country.

The White House prepared an email with specific guidance points for talking publicly and discussing the current situation in Afghanistan, while thousands are anxiously trying to flee the Taliban grasp.

The list of discussion points that Fox News managed to obtain show that the Biden administration was aware of a possible scenario where the Taliban would take over Kabul.

Another discussion point pointed out that the President is not willing to enter into a new conflict and send even more troops to fight battles that Afghan soldiers would not fight for themselves.

According to the President the Afghan troops were prepared to fight against the Taliban, but the demonstration of will was lacking.

The memo also had spelled the name of Mark Milley the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman wrong, with just one L, and claimed that there are no military troops currently in Syria, although there are about 900 who are currently deployed.

Joe Biden last month rejected the possibility that Taliban forces would slowly take over Afghanistan, claiming that this scenario was pretty unlikely.

The president even assured US that there would be no situation where the Taliban forces would forcefully enter the US Embassy in the capital of Kabul, in the same way the US Embassy in Saigon was stormed in 1975.

The statements were questioned during the weekend when footage emerged where US military is trying to rescue staffers from the embassy in Kabul with helicopters, while the building was stormed by insurgents.

The Taliban forces claimed their victory in Afghanistan on Monday.

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