Trump Urges Biden to Resign over Ongoing Afghanistan Crisis

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former US President on Sunday urged Joe Biden to submit his resignation in disgrace due to his way of handling the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, as well as some other issues, Fox News informed.

Trump said that Biden should leave the post for allowing this situation in Afghanistan but also he should resign for the bad handling of the Covid-19 health crisis, the catastrophic situation at the Southern border, the energy independence destruction, and the crippling economy.

The Taliban forces have swiftly taken over the control of the country and have now entered Kabul the capital city where the US military is sent to perform embassy evacuation.

Thousands of people could be seen at the airport in Kabul making attempts to flee the capital on Sunday.

Trump administration negotiated the terms for US military withdrawal from Afghanistan by May 1.

The former president even thought about withdrawing the military from the South Asian country before he left office.

When President Biden revealed his plans to fully withdraw the military troops from Afghanistan by September 11, the 9/11 attacks’ 20th anniversary, he was blasted by Donald Trump, who insisted that Biden needs to adhere to his own goal of withdrawing the troops by May 1.

Trump argued that he managed to make it possible for the troops to be withdrawn early by retrieving a great part of the billion-dollar worth of equipment as well as decreasing the troop’s presence to less than 2,000 from the previous number of 16,000.

GOP members have all slammed President Biden for the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, where the US was present for 20 years.

Republican Representative Michael McCaul from Texas said that military withdrawal was a total disaster on Sunday.

Biden was also blasted by Mike Pompeo, the former Secretary of State, who claimed that this would not have occurred if Trump remained president.

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