Most Fully Vaccinated Americans to Get Third Shot after Eight Months

Days after the FDA authorized a third COVID-19 vaccine dose for people with compromised immune systems, Biden administration is allegedly preparing to expand the pool , saying most Americans should get booster shot eight months their second jab, The Hill reports.

This comes in the wake of the intense discussions between high-ranking officials who studied data on the effectiveness of the vaccines from the US and other countries that led them to believe boosters are needed to enhance protection against COVID-19.

Two administration officials familiar with the discussions told media that the third shot should be offered as soon as mid-September with health officials envisioning the third dose to be of the same vaccine people were initially given.

Still, this plan is yet to be approved by the FDA and CDC advisory committee.

Boosters would probably not be administered until FDA clears Pfizer’s application for additional shots submitted along with its phase one data, though the new guidance will allegedly be issued as soon as this week.

Nursing home residents and health care workers are among the first to likely receive the booster shots, followed by older people.

One of the most worrying examples pointed during the discussions was Israel – that has been administering boosters for more than a month now- where statistics indicated that the effectiveness of the jabs has waned for elderly individuals inoculated in the first two months of this year

Israel started giving boosters to people with weak immune systems expanded the targeted population last week with people over 50.

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