World Leaders Accuse Biden, Voice their Disappointment with Afghanistan’s Situation

The worsening situation in Afghanistan has angered and disappointed many world leaders, with Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister going after US President Joe Biden and accusing him and the US for the recent occurrences, Fox News informed.

Johnson argued that the US decision to withdraw its military from Afghanistan has only accelerated things of what has been an imminent scenario.

However, he called on western leaders to closely collaborate in order to prevent Afghanistan to become a birth cradle for terrorists.

Johnson said that nobody wants Afghanistan to go back to the pre-2001 period especially since this is not in the interest of people who live in this country and that it is crucial that the world leaders from the West should closely work to get over to the newly formed government.

The remarks arrive as the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating by the minute, with the Taliban forces taking over large parts of the country and slowly closing in on Kabul, the capital city.

US President Joe Biden has sent around 5,000 US troops to go back to the Asian country to secure a safe exit of US citizens captured there.

While the conditions have deteriorated, Johnson wanted to distance the UK from being the culprit for the newly formed situation, clarifying that the role of his country in this conflict was concluded several years ago.

Other leaders have also voiced their disappointment about the recent occurrences, with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau stating that he is “heartbroken” by the unfolding events in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister claimed that his top priority right now is the safety and security of Canadian citizens in the country, as Canada suspended diplomatic relations with Afghanistan and closed its Kabul embassy.

In the meantime, Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister said that his government would increase its push to rescue people that have helped the effort of Australia in Afghanistan.

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