President Biden Endorses Governor Gavin Newsom in his California Recall Election

US President Joe Biden has strongly endorsed Gavin Newsom, the embattled Governor of California on Thursday, calling on all the Californians to dismiss the effort to recall the Newson in the special election, Fox News informed.

Newsom was subjected to immense criticism and was pressured by Republicans for his way of handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

The critics said that his policies violated certain individual freedoms and damaged the economy of California.

However, President Biden praised Newsom for his leadership in an unprecedented crisis and has the right to remain in his post.

Biden said that Newsom is a key figure in handling the pandemic and helps in building back the US economy.

The president called all the registered voters in California to cast their “no” vote on the upcoming recall election in order for the state to continue moving forward.

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