Pentagon Threatens with Sanctions over Supply of Weapons from Russia and China to Iran

US authorities may impose sanctions to prevent the supply of weapons to Iran from Russia and China, Dana Stroul, assistant to the head of the Pentagon for the Middle East said.

Speaking at a hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Stroul noted that Russia and China are focused on military cooperation with Iran.

She recalled that China signed a twenty-year agreement on strategic partnership with Iran, and that Russian authorities are negotiating with the Iranian side on the supply of weapons.

According to Stroul, this situation should remind US partners in the Middle East, including the Persian Gulf, that “only cooperation with Washington is in their security interests.”

Republican Senator Todd Young, in turn, added that the weapons received from the Russia and China are being transferred by Iran to allies in the region who are conducting military operations.

The UN embargo on arms supplies to Iran expired in October 2020. Afterwards, the US insisted on extending the embargo and imposed sanctions on those who supply arms to Tehran.

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