Lindsey Graham ‘Glad’ He Got Vaccinated

Image credit: EPA

Senator Lindsey Graham revealed his recovery from coronavirus illness on the Senate floor on Tuesday, saying it might have “been a lot worse” if he hadn’t already been inoculated, The Hill reports.

Graham noted that even though he had been vaccinated, he still contracted the coronavirus. The senator added that he had a few “really bad days,” but that he was convinced that had he not received the jab, he would have experienced much worse symptoms.

Graham also thanked his colleagues for their well-wishes when he was unwell. The senator pointed out that immunization rates in his own state of South Carolina remain low.

According to Graham, only about 50% of citizens of South Carolina have been immunized. He advised citizens to get vaccinated, adding that he believes the vaccines are safe and efficient. According to Graham, the sooner people get vaccinated the state and the whole country will reach herd immunity and will be “better off.”

The senator revealed earlier in August that despite being properly vaccinated, he tested positive with COVID-19. He was the first senator to be diagnosed with a “breakthrough” case of the COVID-19, which occurs when a vaccinated person becomes sick.

Such infections are rare and, on average, less severe than those in unvaccinated persons.

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