US to Develop Overland Supply Routes to the Gulf

In an attempt to develop overland supply routes to the Gulf, the US military is planning to start developing the idea by establishing new storage sites in western Saudi Arabia, Janes reports.

Two market research notices were already issued by the US Army Corps of Engineers in early August looking for eight development sites with a total area of nearly 2 km 2 and contractors at or adjacent to the Al-Taif base and the Jeddah base.

The contingency logistics hubs would enable US Central Command (CENTCOM) to supply and reinforce US troops without relying on the vulnerable sea route through the Strait of Hormuz or airbases that are within range of Iranian missiles.

Though other unidentified sites are said to be under evaluation, CENTCOM noted in January that it’s evaluating King Fahd Air Base, King Faisal Air Base in Tabuk and the port city of Yanbu.

The King Faisal Naval Base, which is hosting the kingdom’s Red Sea fleet, is the largest military facility in Jeddah while close to Al-Taif is King Fahd Air Base.

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