Poll Shows Republicans are Main Opponents to Vaccine, Mask Mandates

New Politico/Morning Consult Poll published Wednesday shows that the opposition to mask and vaccine mandates on national level is strongest among Republicans with only 35 % of them support the government mandates for vaccines compared to at least half of independent voters and nearly eight in 10 Democrats included in the survey, The Hill reports.

The support of the Republicans, who comprise the largest group of unvaccinated Americans, is slightly higher for mask mandates though majority of Republicans still expressed opposition while the support for the mandatory face covering measures among Democrats and independents is overwhelming.

The polling comes in a time when the highly contagious and now dominant delta variant of the virus spiked the number of serious coronavirus cases pushes the health-care system to the brink in several states with lower vaccination rates.

The poll results also show that about 50 % of the voters believe the unvaccinated people and the political leaders opposing to mask and social-distancing mandates are to blame for the new wave of infections with14% blaming only the unvaccinated and another 7 % blaming only the politicians, while one-fifth believe neither is responsible.

Biden administration is continually criticizing Republican governors, most notably Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas’s Greg Abbott, that are opposing vaccine requirements and are prohibiting local governments and schools from enacting Covid mask mandates.

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