Russian Embassy Claims US Troops Have no Legal Mandate to Stay in Syria

Reacting to a tweet by Official Military Spokesman for US Operation Inherent Resolve Wayne Marotto that said US forces are in northeastern Syria under international law, pointing to the UN Security Council Resolution 2254 adopted December 2015, the Russian embassy in Washington claimed on Twitter that US troops have no legal mandate to stay in Syria.

The Embassy urged Marotto to thoroughly read UNSCR 2254, underlying his interpretation of the document is just ridiculous.

Damascus also considers US military presence in Syria as occupation since US troops entered the country without an invitation from the Assad’s government

Several hundred US troops are still in Syria in line with Trump’s plan in 2019 to ensure the control of oil fields in the east and northeast parts of the country in four bases established in the Deir ez-Zor province, near the oil fields, and another five in the neighboring Al-Hasakah region.

Most of the territory of those two provinces along with Raqqa, are under control of the US-backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces.

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