Rep. Greene Hints at Using Guns to Shoot COVID Vaccine Encouragers in Alabama

Video leaked from an Alabama Federation of Republican Women’s fundraiser shows Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene praising Alabama as one of the most unvaccinated states in the nation and hinting that Southerners could greet COVID jab encouragers with guns, according to the Alabama Political Reporter.

Although the press was asked to leave the event before Greene began speaking, political radio and YouTube host David Parkman shared a video he allegedly received from one of the people present at the fundraiser.

Greene, previously blasted for comparing COVID regulations to the Holocaust, suggested during her speech that strangers showing up on Southerners’ front doors might not like the welcome they get since people here love their second amendment rights and are not fan of strangers.

Though it’s not clear who was Greene referring to exactly mentioning people showing up at front doors, she previously ’warned’ the crowd on Biden’s speech last month stating they need “ to go neighborhood by neighborhood, and often literally knocking on doors’ to protect people from the COVID virus, referring to offering vaccination.

Greene’s spokesman, Nick Dyer, refuted the criticism and the video as another conspiracy theory from the left but she could nevertheless be facing legal action for threatening people encouraging vaccination with weapons.

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