GOP Senator Cassidy Does Not Agree with DeSantis Order that Bans School Mask Mandates

Bill Cassidy, a GOP Senator has disagreed with Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis’s move to sign an order aimed at preventing schools districts in Florida to impose mask mandates to students and employees, Fox News informed.

During an interview with CNN’s “State of the Union” Cassidy, who serves as a two-term senator from Louisiana, but is also a physician, said that he did not agree with DeSantis, adding that the control of this matter has to be in the hands of the local officials.

DeSantis’ push arrived in the wake of the steep increase of new Covid-19 cases in Florida due to the spread of the new, more infectious delta variant.

It also was the trigger for the war of words between the potential GOP presidential candidate for 2024 and US President Joe Biden.

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