Russian Ambassador to US Denies Russia is Attempting to Convince Americans Not to Vaccinate

Commenting on certain US media reports that Russia is allegedly trying to persuade Americans not to vaccinate against Covid-19 vaccines, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov called those allegations a slur that has nothing to do with reality in an interview posted on the Embassy’s page on Facebook.

Antonov slammed those accusations against Russia as ungrounded and pointed they can only be explained by rooted Russophobic sentiments in the American society, considering that Russia puts huge efforts in the international cooperation’s development in the fight against the pandemic.

He underlined the need of joint efforts to increase the scale of the immunization and to solve the accessibility issue that Russia is ready for in collaboration with its partners, including the United States.

In that context, Russian ambassador blamed the West for initiating and upholding a targeted campaign against the Russian medical preparations, including the approach the US has taken with regard to the use of Russia’s anti-Covid vaccine Sputnik-V.

Antonov cited US Department of Health annual report for 2020 which says that Biden administration used the Brazilian Health Ministry to convince the country not to get Sputnik V jabs, underlining that there should be no place for politics people’s health and lives and calling Russia’s partners to realize it as soon as possible.

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