Conspiracy Theorists Calling for Violence Unless Trump Becomes President, DHS Claims

An internal intelligence bulletin issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warns of the intensified online activity by the pro-Trump conspiracy theorists and extremists and their possible violence planning, Axios reports.

The bulletin says that people are calling for violence in response to 2020 election fraud claims and the theory that former President Donald Trump will be reinstated in August but reveals that DHS has no information on specific plots or planned actions.

The department notes that it doesn’t have the luxury to wait for evidence on specifically planned violence, fearing of lone offenders or small groups of individuals that could engage in violent acts with little-to-no warning.

The internal bulletin comes after months- long warnings from the DHS and FBI in their routine reporting about potential violence from domestic terrorists, a term applied to the pro-Trump demonstrators connected with the Capitol protests on January 6 and people believing Trump was robbed of electoral victory in 2020.

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