Over $100 Million Spent by the Real Estate Industry in Challenging Eviction Ban

Lobbying Congress against eviction moratoriums during the Covid-19 pandemic has stripped over $100 million from the real estate industry’s funds, Fox News reports.

The bill of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the US largest real estate industry group, challenging the nationwide evictions ban, totaled more than $84 million last year with another $18 million in 2021 paid for challenging Biden administration decision to extend the same ban.

In the light of the serious pressure and fierce backlash Biden administration faced after allowing the previous ban to expired on July 31, CDC rolled out another temporary moratorium covering 90% of the Americans in areas with high transmission of Covid-19 that will expire in October

NAR is additionally involved in two lawsuits with the Alabama and the Georgia Associations of Realtors against the moratorium Trump administration enacted with the Supreme Court deciding for the eviction ban to remain through the end of July in Alabama case.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department filed on Friday its emergency defense of President Biden’s latest eviction ban claiming that renewed order is different from the previous one and is not blanket moratorium since it only targets areas of high transmission and pointing that factual circumstances have changed since the last ban.

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