Trump’s Investing in Jab Development’s Operation Warp Speed Praised by Fauci

The former President Donald Trump received on Thursday unusual praise for his role in speeding up the Covid-19 vaccines development from d-r Antony Fauci, who has served as an adviser to every U.S. president since Reagan, MSN reports.

This caused few surprised faces considering the public friction between Trump and Fauci, key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force at the time, after he suggested in April 2020 that the Trump administration didn’t do enough to control the initial spread of the virus.

Expressing concerns with regards to the very fast development of the jab, Fauci nevertheless underlined that Operation Warp Speed’s major investments made possible phase two, phase three and manufacturing even before the scientists knew if the phase one will work out or not.

That helped significantly to accelerate the long process of vaccine production and approval though some key groundwork was already done like the technology behind J&J viral vector vaccine that has been in development for years or the Pfizer jab’s mRNA technology that was reaching maturity when the pandemic happened.

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