Biden Administration to ‘Enforce’ Vaccination Using Federal Funds &Powers as Proxy

Amid the spike in Covid-19 cases mainly driven by the highly contagious Delta variant, the White House is allegedly weighing a plan to leverage federal funds’ incentives and withhold financial help to push institutions to ‘enforce’ vaccination for Americans, Fox News reports.

According the information a White House official shared, Biden administration is discussing a host of different measures to boost vaccinations across the US including withholding federal funds and using federal regulatory powers.

As an example, the federal authorities could restrict access to federal funds like Medicare to institutions like nursing homes and long-term-care facilities to ‘entice’ them mandate vaccines for their employees, hoping to reach more that 90 million Americans that are still unvaccinated.

This plan could be potential backlash trigger among Americans with some lawyers already urging the Biden administration to restraint in using federal powers.

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