UNSC to Meet Friday to discuss Afghanistan

Due to an increase in coronavirus instances caused by the highly transmissible omicron strain, a United Nations nuclear treaty conference has been postponed until August of next year

Faced with the urgency of the current situation in Afghanistan in the wake of the US troops’ withdrawal , increased Taliban violence and continuing calls for action from Afghan politicians, the UN Security Council has scheduled meeting on Friday under the Presidency of India to discuss the worsening security situation, Business Standard reports.

India’s Permanent Representative to UNSC, T S Tirumurti, tweeted late on Wednesday that the meeting was scheduled after Afghanistan Foreign Minister Mohammed Haneef Atmar’s meeting with India’s FM S Jaishankar on the subject.

Previously on Tuesday, UNSCl had strongly condemned the deplorable attack against the UN compound in Herat and expressed deep concern over the violent Taliban’s military offensive in the country, pointing it doesn’t support the restoration of the Islamic Emirate and appealing for inclusive peace process that would result in political settlement and a ceasefire.

Meanwhile, many Afghans are blaming Afghan politicians for not taking part in the defense of the country from Taliban attacks, asking where are the self-proclaimed influential political and jihadi figures who claimed to be leading major ethnic groups.

The only famous politician Afghans are praising for his actions is former jihadi commander Amir Ismail Khan who’s fighting against the Taliban leading the people’s mobilization and has allegedly saved Herat  from collapse.

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