Illegal Immigrants in Custody Will Be Offered Covid-19 Vaccines

The illegal immigrants held in US custody at the southern border will be offered Covid-19 vaccinations by the Biden administration in an attempt to control the surge in delta variant infections nationwide, The Washington Post reports.

According to the paper, only some of illegal immigrants held in longer-term ICE detention facilities have been inoculated so far, and only the migrants scheduled for a fast return to Mexico under Title 42 will not be offered the vaccine.

Previously on Monday, the CDC had renewed Title 42 policy allowing the expulsion of illegal immigrants due to concerns connected with Covid-19 spread, which will remain in effect until the noncitizens entering the United States are no longer posing serious danger to public health.

The only exempts from the policy are unaccompanied children and some families at the Southwest Border.

According to DHS, migrants will be offered the single-dose Johnson & Johnson jab since it’s better suited for the migrants that may not be able to coordinate a second dose: first migrants to be offered the jab are those waiting to be processed by US Customs and Border Protection, illegal immigrants facing deportation and immigrants likely to be allowed to enter the US legally in forseeable future.

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