Jewish Democratic Council of America Refutes Accusations of Going Easy on Ilhan Omar

Republican Jewish Coalition found itself faced with lawsuit threat by Jewish Democratic Council of America (JDCA) after they blamed JDCA in a tweet published July 21 for failing every single time to condemn Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has engaged in anti-Semitic rhetoric in several instances, The Washington Free Beacon learns.

JDCA threatened legal action through its lawyer, citing at the same time a single, 2 years old press release criticizing Omar for accusing American Jews of buying support for Israel, claiming that his makes RJC’s statement false and damaging to the JDCA’s reputation.

The executive director of RJC, Matt Brooks, pointed it’s disappointing that the Jewish Dems repeatedly choose silence over action when it comes to dealing with far-left members who are increasingly hostile towards Israel, prioritizing party loyalty over fighting anti-Semitism.

He said it’s symptomatic how JDCA only had one instance to cite where it has condemned Omar for her inflaming rhetoric despite a litany of times when she expressed her anti-Semitism, including comparing the US and Israel to terrorist organizations like Hamas and the Taliban in June.

The Republican Jewish Coalition said in a letter it would not delete the tweet, which is protected political speech and hyperbole, nor it will allow to be silenced by the JDCA.

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