US Claims on Black Sea are Attempt to Shift Responsibility, Russian Diplomat Claims

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko deemed dangerous the claims by US Naval Forces Europe-Africa chief Robert Burke on Russia’s alleged provocations in the Black Sea, calling them an attempt to shift responsibility for the potential escalation, Russian media report.

Burke recently pointed that deployment of US and NATO’s warships in the Black Sea is to ensure peace through presence and blamed Russia for luring the US to shoot first in the Black Sea, but stressed that this will not happen without provocation.

According to the top US Navy admiral in Europe, the aggressive Russian maneuvers around US and NATO forces in the Black Sea, that conducted exercises in the Black Sea from mid-June to mid-July, appear meant to provoke a response.

Grushko called this statement extremely dangerous and warned that it contains flagrant threat of using force in an a attempt for the US to shift the responsibility for a possible escalation of the growing tensions in a period of increased US presence in close proximity to Russian borders.

He also underlined that the risks of military incidents could be reduced via restoration of professional military contacts between Russia and NATO.

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