Top House Democrats Demand Eviction Moratorium Extension

Several hours after the eviction moratorium implemented amid the coronavirus pandemic has expired, exposing millions of Americans at risk of being forced out of their homes, top House Democrats demanded on Sunday that Biden administration extends the ban, The Hill learns.

The House left for recess last Thursday after failing to strike a deal on an extension of the eviction ban set in place by CDC.

The joint statement signed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer , Whip James Clyburn and Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark demands immediate action from the administration that needs to extend the moratorium, citing  the rising risks associated with particularly highly infectious delta variant of Covid-19 spreading throughout the country.

They called the extension moral imperative to keep people from ending up on the street, contributing to the public health emergency in a time when CDC doubles down on mask-wearing and vaccination efforts although the Supreme Court ruled last month that the agency exceeded its authority when it put the ban in place.

According to the Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the ban could only be extended past its expiration date by an act of Congress since Senate would not have the means to approve a bill even if the moratorium is extended in the House.

Faced with such hurdle, Democratic lawmakers are now throwing the ball in the Treasury Department’s yard urging more effective distribution of its already allocated and transferred funds to states and communities, to renters and landlords.

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