Oklahoma GOP Chairman Blasted for Comparing Unvaccinated to Jews in Nazi Germany

In almost seven minutes long video posted on Facebook, Oklahoma GOP Chairman John Bennett defended the controversial social media post he uploaded to the Oklahoma Republican Party page that included a Star of David photo with the word “unvaccinated” on it, comparing the mandate Covid-19 vaccination to persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, Newsweek writes.

Bennett said in his post that there is direct attack on citizens’ liberties in in the United States with people getting mandated vaccines and mask-wearing, businesses and churches are closing and the government is using the private sector to implement its agenda.

Then he compared the vaccine mandates with conditions for Jews during Nazi Germany warning that if Americans don’t do something now, it’ll be same as when they said nothing to Jews being forced to wear yellow stars in a process that let do their genocide.

Despite the controversial photo, Bennett also urged state officials to ban businesses from requiring employees to be vaccinated to work although Gov. Kevin Stitt has confirmed he will not mandate vaccination against Covid-19 and there are no plans for introducing vaccine passports in Oklahoma.

Apart the widespread outrage Bennett’s post provoked, he was also criticized by several top Republicans who claimed in a joint statement that it’s irresponsible to compare an effective vaccine to Holocaust’s horrors, especially in light of the fact that it was developed by Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

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