Covid-19 Wave to Get Worse, Fauci Warns

The White House chief medical adviser warned on Sunday that the US’s latest Covid-19 surge is will get worse, said he doesn’t expect that trigger any new lockdown orders or nation’s shut down, New York Post reports.

He pointed that the recent outbreak in the US is driven by the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant, but believes that won’t lead to the last winter’s situation with strict rules regarding mask-wearing and business and school shutdowns.

Fauci blamed unvaccinated Americans – 100 million of them- for being behind the new wave that almost doubled the average number of daily new coronavirus cases in the US in the past 10 days, pointing they prevented the country to return to normal.

He once again urged vaccinations to curb the spread of Covid-19 under the pretext that the vaccinated are protected from severe illness hospitalization, suffering and death and are not allowing the the spread of the outbreak.

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