Capitol Police Directed to Arrest Those who Will Not Comply to New Mask Mandate

The USCP (US Capitol Police) was directed to arrest all the staff as well as visitors who are not going to wear face coverings on the House side of the Capitol, Fox News informed.

The information was obtained by a certain Congress member who cited a police memo that was issued by Thomas Manger, the newly appointed Chief of USCP.

According to the memo, police officers were directed not to arrest Congress members for not wearing face coverings, but to report the noncompliance to the House sergeant-at-arms. Members of the House have been so far fined with $500 for not abiding to the mask mandate.

Republican Representative Kat Cammack, received a copy of the memo that was released at Thursday roll call by an a certain police officer.

The police officer she talked to were not comfortable with the new order, and Cammack also described it as tyrannical.

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