Under Secretary of State Jenkins Committed to Reducing Risk of Nuclear War

With few days until the new round of US- Russia consultations on strategic stability, the newly appointed US Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Bonnie Jenkins pointed she’s is committed to limiting Russian and Chinese nuclear expansion.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Jenkins noted that she’s committed to reducing the risk of nuclear war, among other things, by limiting Russian and Chinese nuclear expansion, and to pursue accountability for the use of chemical weapons.

Jenkins believes that the United States must strengthen our Euro-Atlantic and Indo-Pacific alliances to better deter and defend against growing threats.

The US delegation for the consultations, scheduled for July 28 in Geneva, will be led by the Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and will also include Jenkins, the first African-American to hold the rank of Undersecretary of State and one of three African-American confirmed in the area of national security.

The Russian delegation will be headed by the Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who noted earlier that Russia plans to discuss and assess potential risks and challenges, as well as develop a framework for future joint activities in the field, according to TASS.

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