Democratic Senator Warner Said he Regrets 2013 Filibuster Changes

Democratic Senator Mark Warner from Virginia stated on Sunday that he had regrets that the Democratic party has opened the door for making changes to the filibuster, Fox News informed.

Warner stated this even though he was initially in favor of amending the process in order to exempt the bill of voting rights from the threshold of 60 votes.

When asked if he thinks that US President Joe Biden should give his support for filibuster elimination, Warner argued that the 2013 Senate’s Democratic leadership was the first to enact the “nuclear option.”

Warner has referenced the actions by Harry Reid, the former Senate Majority Leader from Nevada, who pushed forward the “nuclear option,” to lower the Senate threshold from 60 to 51 for confirming most of the nominations made by the president, except for the nominations for the US Supreme Court.

Reid moved forwards with the new rules after GOP Senators mounted filibusters against former President Barack Obama nominees for the appeals court, the National Labor Relations Board, and the Defense Department.

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