Russian Ambassador to US: Accusations of Russian Aggression in context of Nord Stream 2 are Groundless

In a reaction after the US-Germany joint statement on the Nord Stream 2 project on Wednesday, Russian Ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, pointed that sanctions threats and accusations of malign activities directed at Russia contained in statement are groundless.

The document, according to Antonov, raises serious questions and even incomprehension with regards to political attacks against Russia.

The ambassador pointed out in a post on Russian Embassy’s Facebook page that the hostile tone directed at Russia fundamentally contradicts the spirit of the talks of Putting and Biden in Geneva on June 16, calling the attempts to present Russia as an aggressor calling card of Russophobes.

Antonov emphasized that Moscow t is a reliable partner – something it has proved by long-standing honest interaction with Europe and other consumers of Russian hydrocarbons.

He stressed that Russia has never imposed its gas on anyone nor has used energy resources as an instrument of political pressure and pointed that any accusations of that kind is just an unscrupulous competition.

Nord Stream 2 has proved itself as one of controversial subjects in relations between Washington and Berlin, who views it as an economy project. Kremlin  repeatedly stressed that Nord Stream 2 is a commercial project that is being implemented together with European partners.

The ambassador reiterated that the construction of Nord Stream 2, as any other Russian export pipeline, is a subject of commercial agreements with the states interested in Russian gas and that Russia is ready to supply any quantity of hydrocarbons the consumers need.

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