Russia’s Warning to Pentagon over Hypersonic Missiles Prompts WW3 Fears

Few hours after Russia test-fired a Tsirkon hypersonic missile it plans to equip its warships and submarines with, the Russian Embassy in the US warned Washington of inadvertent conflict if they US pushed ahead with the deployment of the hypersonic missiles in Europe, Newsweek writes quoting the Embassy ‘s post on Twitter.

The Russian Embassy in the US reminded Pentagon Press Secretary in a tweet that potential deployment of US hypersonic missile in Europe would be extremely destabilizing and would raise the likelihood of inadvertent conflict.

Commenting on Russia’s test-launch of a Tsirkon hypersonic missile from the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, Pentagon Spokesman Kirby said at a news briefing earlier it’s important to note that Russia’s new hypersonic missiles are potentially destabilizing and pose significant risks because they can carry a nuclear charge.

He pointed that the United States, on the other hand, is developing solely non-nuclear hypersonic strike capabilities and remains committed to deterrence while promoting greater stability in the region.

Russian Embassy in Washington responded sternly to Kirby’s comments while Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov wrote on Telegram that Russia was reacting within the context  of the approach of NATO towards Russia’s borders, the US withdrawal from INF Treaty as well as the introduction of 75 different sanctions that are seen as acts of economic war.

Defending Russia’s decision to demonstrate the capabilities of a new high-tech rocket system, Pushkov said it is Washington, not Moscow, that is escalating tensions.

According to press release of Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday, the Admiral Gorshkov frigate had successfully test-fired the missile from Russia’s Arctic region.

According to Pentagon’s recent bombshell  report, the possibility that nuclear weapons could be used in regional or global conflicts is growing.

According to the report, Russia’s strategic nuclear modernization has increased while its warhead delivery capability which enables Russia to rapidly expand its deployed warhead numbers.

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