White House Pledges to Take Action on Ransomware Attack If Russia Does Not Want to

Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary stated on Tuesday that although the biggest ransomware attack recorded still cannot be fully tied to Russia, the Biden administration will act on it if Russian President Putin does not move to curb the cybercriminals in his country, Fox News informed.

Psaki said that as US President Joe Biden made it clear at the meeting with his Russian counterpart if the Russian authorities will not act against the cybercriminals in Russia, the US then will definitely take action on their own.

Not long after the press briefing, Biden assessed the $70 million ransomware attack, pointing out the it caused minimal damage to the businesses in the US.

The President said that he will have more news on the attack in the following days, adding that he feels good that US has the ability to address and respond to this kind of attacks.

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