US Imposes Sanctions on Belarus for Diverting Ryanair Flight

Biden administration imposed fresh new sanctions on Belarus Monday, in the midst of a quarrel over a Ryanair flight diversion the European country performed in order to detain a journalist from the opposition, CNBC informed.

In May, a commercial flight going from Greece to Lithuania was abruptly diverted to Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. The flight by Ryanair was escorted by Soviet-era MiG-29. After the aircraft landed, Belarus authorities immediately arrested Roman Protasevich, an opposition journalist.

Some EU leaders called the strange diversion of the commercial flight a hijacking. EU immediately slapped sanctions against Belarus, including prohibiting all the airlines to use airspace and airports in the EU.

US Department of State has imposed sanctions on 46 officials from Belarus due to their involvement of Protasevich arrest. The Treasury has also announced its scope of sanctions on 16 individuals and 5 entities.

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