Schumer Files Cloture on Biden’s Nomination of Kiran Ahuja

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader has filed a cloture on Biden’s nomination of Kiran Ahuja to assume the position director of Office of Personnel Management, Fox News informed.

The cloture is a procedural step that will most probably set up a vote for Ahuja’s confirmation next week, while Republican senators accuse her of defending a critical race theory.

Republican senator Josh Hawley, is leader of the efforts to stop the nomination of Ahuja, forming a group of GOP senators who stopped her nomination earlier this month.

Hawley’s office said that Kiran Ahuja’s nomination was halted due to her history of espousing radical race theorists, adding that this merits a real scrutiny, especially because she will be nominated in a position that will allow Ahuja to restore the race-based training programs through the federal government.

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