House GOP Seeks from HHS to Disclose Records of Taxpayers Funds Spent on Migrant Children

House GOP are seeking from the HHS (Health and Human Services) to disclose the records of the taxpayer funds spent on the unaccompanied kids that crossed the border, Fox News informed.

The move comes after the reports that around $2 billion has been allocated to help with this crisis.

The letter penned by 10 republicans headed by Rep. Byron Donalds from Florida, says that Biden administration is to blame for the catastrophic management of the immigration, adding that it is time to ensure the safety and welfare the American citizens.

House Republicans cited a report by Politico, which argues that the HHS has allocated more than $2 billion although those funds were meant for different initiatives, rather than caring for unaccompanied kids that were crossing the US border. The funds also include money that were initially meant for expanded testing strategy for Covid-19 and the Strategic National Stockpile.

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