New Legislation to Allow Texas Residents to Carry Handguns in Public Places without any License

Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has signed a “constitutional carry” legislation into law Wednesday, allowing Texas citizens to carry a handgun outdoors without the need to have a license, Fox News informed.

According to the current legislation, citizens are required to go through special training, give fingerprints, present handgun proficiency and also pay the application fee of $40 so as to get a license to own a handgun. With this new bill, anyone older than 21 who is not barred from owning weapons by the state or the federal law, will be allowed to carry a weapon in the public as of September 1.

There are some exemptions to the new legislation. For instance, employers can bar employees from carrying guns at the workplace and private businesses can prohibit people to carry guns while on their property.

Due to the fact that the training for carrying guns is not required, the Department of Public Safety in Texas will offer free courses for gun safety online.

With this bill, Texas has joined 20 other states that already have permitless carry laws introduced. Texas resident are also allowed to carry rifles outside without any permits.

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