QAnon Group Followers Might Use More Violence, FBI Warns

The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning to lawmakers that conspiracy group QAnon might use more violence in the future as they are turning to actions in the real world, CNN informed.

A report revealed by Senator Martin Heinrich from New Mexico, argues that while some of the supporters of this group might dissociate themselves from the so called prophecies after they turn out false, other might start believing that they have to take the things in their own hands and fulfill the so called prophecies, thus engaging towards violence in the real world.

QAnon, often considered a virtual cult, is a conspiracy theory linked to the far-right, that is based on a claim that former President Trump was trying to fight a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles consisted of prominent politicians from the Democratic lines as well as some liberal celebrities.

The mob that has stormed the Capitol building on January 6th, was related to the QAnon group, and the groups ideals has went from the online world in the mainstream politics wording.

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